Glossary of terms

Glossary of terms


tg -Refers to troy grams the unit of weight by which gold is weighed.

ct- Refers to carat weight. The unit by which Diamonds & other precious stones are weighed. Please note unless stated as UNSET all carat weight is measured and estimated .

Leading edge- refers to a ring being only just into the size stated. Eg L leading edge = A small L.

Diamond clarity- Flawless-P3. Stones are assessed set unless stated otherwise and therefore only an estimation of the grade.

Diamond colour- D to Z. Estimated set unless stated otherwise and therefore only an estimation of colour.

European eight cut- refers to a round diamond with less facets than the standard 58 cut round brilliant.

Mine cut- Refers to round Diamonds that are roughly faceted by hand, often at source. The symmetry is therefore not present & in many cases neither is the brilliance.

New item-  An item that is not pre owned.

Fineness- refers to the parts per thousand of that precious metal- Eg 950 platinum is 950 parts Platinum per thousand parts.

Victorian - refers to the period from 1837 to 1901

Edwardian- Refers to the period 1901-1910

Art Deco- Refers to the design period C1910-1937

Art Nouveau- refers to the design period 1890-1910

Vintage by our definition refers to items from 1937 onward

Retro by our definition refers to items from the 60's.

Early 20th century is used here to describe an item that does not fall into an obvious style and encompasses 1910 to 1940.

Faux- Literally translates as 'Fake' . An item which is simulating the real thing.

Paste- Glass usually faceted to simulate a corresponding naturally occuring crystal.





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